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FAQs about New England Proms

New England proms is a full-service DJ and Audio-Visual company specializing ONLY in Proms.

This is All we do FULL TIME. We are In Schools, College’s ,University’s , Night Clubs and Private Events Weekly. We know our Music or Craft and we Strive to be the Best!

We Are Focused on the Fun…

…because we consistently deliver FUN! Anyone can play music but our performers get the party started and keep it going strong with their great personalities and a
great mix of real party music!

We do Tours. Yes real concert tours. We bring the Concert and Night Club Vibe to Your event. When you can Feel the Beat and with Crisp Clear Vocals. You will feel and hear the difference.

Not 1 person can do everything. That’s why our DJs focus on the music and keeping the party going

Our lighting Technician programs the lights to the music and the vibe as the night happens.

Our Emcee will interact when needed And hype up the party.