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Welcome to New England Proms
Specializing in proms…and nothing else

When it comes to your Prom, your school deserves the very best DJ Entertainment you can get. At New England Proms (NEP), that’s what we specialize in…and ONLY in. We’re 100% hyper-focused on proms and how to entertain the large crowds that attend them.

Here at NEP,  your prom journey starts with the DJ. We’ve got the best DJ roster in New England, using the same DJs that the big nightclubs use. As we all know though, each DJ is different, and so we analyze your student body to make sure you get an ideal match. When it comes to DJs and proms, we put more effort into the match than eHarmony!

Once the DJ is selected and we know what your school is like, we then design a sound & light system suitable for a small concert. For the bigger proms, a full-scale audio-visual production is absolutely necessary, or your prom just isn’t going to be as good as it can be. Crowds of 600 or more need an upscale sound & light package…and that’s exactly what we bring to your event.

From there, we go through the extras, such as dry ice, fog cannons, glow sticks, etc…to top off your party fun. New England Proms is your entertainment company of choice. We’ll handle everything from A to Z…and everything in between.

Only the best Club-style DJs from New England.
Audio Visual
Best-In-Class Sound, Light & Video systems
A young & fresh company, with experience